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We acknowledge that the key to resolving world problems lies in nurturing compassion,  respect for cultural identity, gender equality, and embracing responsible environmental practices. Artistic expression, as a universal language, bridges all of these elements and fosters long term sustainable community engagement. Nurturing a multi-cultural society gives voice to all community members empowering them to become agents of positive social change.

The Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace (UFWP) is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization that promotes social justice for a sustainable peace. We acknowledge the oneness of humanity and the commonality of the human spirit regardless of gender, ethnicity/race, cultural/religious background, sexual orientation, disability or nationality. We use art as a universal language to promote community and sponsor events that empower underserved minorities within our growing multi-cultural immigrant-friendly city. We are the umbrella for projects that promote social justice, fair trade awareness, and emotional support for those in need of healing, education about human potential, and sustainability of the environment.

Incorporated in the State of Ohio, November 3rd 2008 as a nonprofit corporation.
Designated as a 501c3 nonprofit charity by the IRS, effective November 3rd 2008.

Board Member Names *alphbetical order

Lynda A. Cohen (emeritus)

Executive Director – Severa Mwiza

Secretary Joy Levett

Treasurer  Hanaa Najjar

Director of Research Gabriela Pickett

Child Development William Mosier

Publication Chad Nunamaker

Technical Support Steve Fryburg

 Gabriela Pickett – Curator Missing Peace Art Space
Co-Director Center for the Study of Child Development (CSCD)
Research on Comparative International Education for Young Children

 Dr. William Mosier –Director of the Center for the Study of Child Development (CSCD)

Christie Sartin – Grants Coordinator

Board Meetings; Annually

Board Term Lengths?

4 year terms

Term Limits / none

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