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The Missing Peace Art Space
is a non profit organization operating under the
501c3 organizational structure of the 
Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace .
The mission of the Missing Peace Art Space is to provide an artistic forum for exploring issues of peace and violence in a tolerant, non-commercial environment.
In the world's current polarized environment it is important to recognize that the concepts of "truth" and "being right" can be ideas that drive us apart.
Often a "truth" may be only as true as the moment or place that it is experienced in. 
Art is an excellent medium for allowing us to experience that moment.

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Member of the International Network of Museums for Peace.

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*If you live near the greater Dayton area or are planning a visit, be sure to visit the
Dayton International Peace Museum.

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Exhibitions of the
"Art of Peace" available
for loan.

Mary Perry Stone,


Helen Broadfoot
 "Show of Respect"



Drawing Paradise on the 'Axis of Evil'
Images from an art exhibition by Emily Johns

Bam Earthquake - Underground Poetry

Combat Paper Project Portfolio Vol I

Combat Paper Project Vol I

A set of six prints made by
Iraq War Veterans done on
paper made from their
"You are not my Enemy"
poem written on the prints.
more about the project 



The Trouble with the Alphabet

The Trouble
with the Alphabet

by Caryn West

26 images of children from 
around the world and their 
stories of lost childhoods.
We can make a difference
with our own two hands
is the message.

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